Rabbi’s Weekly Message

Dear Temple Sinai Family & Friends,

Well  February 16th has finally arrived and with this date comes the Doo Wop Shabbat when most of the prayers of the service will be sung to 50’s and 60’s melodies. This will be a fun Shabbat as the Choir, Cantor, Rabbi and others will join together to uplift your spirits only as Shabbat can do and only as a Doo Wop Shabbat can do. 

All of us on the Bima, including myself, will be dressed like I could have dressed in the 50’s in tee shirt, white socks and jeans. Please dress retro as well to help you get in the mood. Temple member Michael Porter is the creator and producer of this Doo Wop Shabbat. He did this at the synagogue he attended in Aliso Diejo, California. He approached our Brotherhood with the idea of a Doo Wop Shabbat and the Board said sure.  Please join Temple Sinai for a Shabbat that will be unforgettable.

As creative as we can be on Shabbat in a Reform congregation, there are still parts of the service that must always be there. We will say a Mi Shebeirach prayer for the ill, offer the Kaddish and also joyously celebrate February wedding anniversaries. In other words, regardless of why you attend Shabbat service at Temple Sinai, your needs will be met whether they are spiritual, intellectual, social or simply Jewish. For this Shabbat, you might attend simply because you love the music of that time period.

Shabbat Shalom,

Your Rabbi Steve